Solar USB Power Bank Dual Phone Charger

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Charge up to two devices at the same time from anywhere! SUNVOLT is a multi-use solar power bank that harnesses the power of the sun to charge any USB powered device. Perfect for anyone that is on the go and doesn’t want to worry about a dead battery. Includes a built-in battery indicator micro USB cable and a weather-resistant design for year-round use. Plus it offers three charging positions including a window mount kick-stand and carabiner clip.


  • High-efficiency solar panel
  • Battery level indicator LED
  • Two separate USB ports for dual charging
  • Year-round weather-resistant design
  • Includes a micro USB cable for faster charging
  • Perfect for anyone that is on the go or doesn’t want to worry about a dead battery.
  • Battery: Ultra-Compact 4000mAH
  • Charge two phones tablets pads etc all at the same time!
  • Three charging positions including window suction cup kickstand and carabiner clip.
  • Solar-powered so you never need to worry about a dead battery again or pre-charging it!
  • Can charge any USB powered device including iPhones iPads google pixels Samsung cell phones and much much more.
  • Weather-resistant and built for year-round outdoor use
  • Includes carabiner clip and extra strength suction cup
  • Rubberized protective coating for durability


30 Day Warranty





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